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The Original Handmade Energy bar is light and crispy, yet moist and chewy, the combination of raw honey, peanut butter, brown rice crisps, cranberries, and whole peanuts just can't be beat!


The Red Walnut Protein bar is the bar for you if you wish you could get a little more protein and a little less sugar. Gluten free and with 10grams of protein, its made with almond butter, gluten free oats, red walnuts, pepitas, tart cherries, and coconut oil, it's the perfect partner for your adventure!


Original Bar Ingredients: Raw Honey, Peanut Butter, Whole Grain Flakes, Cranberries, Peanuts, Brown Rice Puffs, Brown Sugar, Butter


Red Walnut Bar Ingredients (contains tree nuts): Raw Honey, Almond Butter, Dried Cherries, Oats, Brown Rice Puffs, Coconut Sugar, Brown Rice Protein Powder, Pepitas, Red Walnuts, Coconut Oil

Garuka Bars


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