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About Us

We're here for hikers! Hiker services opening spring 2023!

mail drop service | hiker resupply | wifi & charging 
fresh fooD & Local Snacks in our farm stand

WE are located at the Lower cold River Road Crossing in Shrewsbury, Vt
Mile 1691.5 on the
Appalachian trail

1/3 mile off trail 

wifi, Charging & fuel 

This short detour is worth it!

Fill Up
Satisfy those trail cravings for something fresh and delicious.
Our farm stand offers detour-worthy hiker-friendly foods,  including:

fresh veggies
salad mix

cured meats
energy bars
maple strup & Honey

fresh baked goods
& Lots more!

Recharge your device and connect to our WIFI.

Snack and surf, book your next accommodation
, or scroll instagram and tag us in your next post!

Mail DRop

Mail resupply service available for thru hikers on Vermont's Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail.

1. register for mail drop

Please submit a mail drop request form so we can stay in contact with you about your resupply package.


2. Mail Packages To:

Your Name
c/o: Stone's Throw Farmstead
120 Wilmouth Hill Road
Shrewsbury, Vermont 05738
Packages Must be mailed by fedex or ups!

3. pick up your package

Find us at the Lower Cold River Road Crossing in Shrewsbury, Vermont.

Appalachian Trail mile 1691.5

We are 1/3 mile, about 5 mins walk from the trail on paved road. 


Our farm stand has hikers in mind!

We carry the following for you to plan & enjoy your hike: 

Fuel Canisters
Sawyer Filters
CNOC Water Bags 
Sawyer Filter Couplings
Dr. Bronner's Refill
Bug Spray
Smart water bottles
first aid essentials
dehydrated meals

call us to confirm that we have what you need in stock


coming spring 2023: Farm Bakery

Each week we will release freshly baked sourdough goodies, like:

Walnut & Blue Cheese Fougasse 
sacred spirals of cinnamon & sugar
chocolate beet cake bundts
English Muffins
Savory & Sneaky Vegetable biscuits
chocolate chip cookies
carrot cake

Summit Sourdough
backpacker-friendly breads
for thru hikers

Sized to enjoy at peak freshness



backpacker breads to elevate your thru hike

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