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Join our team!

We're hiring a part-timer for the 2024 growing season!

We're looking to invite one part-timer to join our team this season!


We believe in equal opportunities for all folks to farm

Stone's Throw Farmstead is committed to being an equitable employer.  All applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity of expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. We encourage applicants of all backgrounds and experiences to apply. 


Available position for this seasoN: Field Crew & Wash/Pack Assistant

The lucky individual in this position will report to the owners and farmers Connor and Jess. They will work closely with us and will also enjoy some solo time doing tasks on their own. We estimate about half of available hours are spent working in a team setting in the field or in the wash-pack and the other half in the field solo. 



This is a part-time position of 8-10 hours each week. Work days are likely to be on Tuesdays and Fridays. It is possible to do all the hours in one day or break it up into shorter days. We are willing able to accommodate different days and offer a flexible weekly schedule for the right candidate. 


Position Period

Must be available to start by May 1 and work through the end of September. Some work may be available before and after this period for the right candidate. 


this employee will receive training in all job tasks & responsibilities

This position involves a variety of food/flower production related work including: field preparation, seeding, transplanting, crop care, harvest, washing, and packing of vegetables for orders, the farmstand, and the farmers market.

  • No-till Bed Preparation: push-mowing (electric), weed-wacking (electric), grazing sheep, tarping, hoeing, roller-crimp, scything, compost spreading, amendment applications, tilthing, crop gleaning, and hand-weeding. 

  • Hand weeding and hoeing

  • Setup and removal of row cover (keeps plants warm), protek net (keeps the bugs out), or hortanova netting (holds up flowers).

  • Transplanting: using the paper pot transplanter, transplanting soil blocks and cell plugs. 

  • Crop Care: pruning, trellising, or other supportive activities to keep crops happy

  • Irrigation: installing and connecting drip lines, making repairs as needed.

  • Hand weeding & hoeing

  • Wash-pack: maintaining standards of cleanliness and organization, executing food safety protocols. 

  • Farm maintenance: organizing, moving, consolidating materials, etc

  • Greenhouse/tunnel maintenance or moving

  • Fertility Management: side-dressing, foliar spraying, fertigation (fertility by irrigation water)

  • Harvesting: following harvest plan, maintaining quality control and product standard, fulfilling wash/pack procedures, keeping orders organized in containers, cooler, and vehicles. 


  • At least 1 season of farming experience that includes wash/pack time.

  • Time management skills. Identifying goals, staying organized, and completing tasks!

  • Consistent Attention to Detail. Is this a dull black purple or a shiny black purple eggplant? Has this flower been pollinated or not? Does this harvest sheet say 15 bunches or 150? This is a job with lots of details, if you love that, you'll fit right in. 

  • Positivity and an eagerness to work as a team. We are a joyous, silly, hardworking bunch!

  • Ability to work independently, stay focused, and self-motivate. Trust us, its really hard to not get distracted by pretty flowers, shiny bugs, and considering the million ways you can possibly do this single task. 

  • Positivity and Flexibility. We'll try our best to stick with a plan, but sometimes things can get dynamic around here and being able to go with the flow when needed is really valuable to this team. 

  • Physical ability to lift 20 pounds, kneel, crawl, squat, and lean over while doing repetitive motions with hands and arms. We try to make this work fun and dynamic. We will not spend a whole afternoon weeding carrots, promise.  We can work with some physical limitations - just ask!

  • Ability to be honest and open with us about your needs, your work, and your abilities. We value humility, curiosity, self-advocacy, and learning on this farm! 

  • Willingness to follow safety requirements and utilize personal safety gear when appropriate.

  • Comfortable with kind, direct communication and feedback. Ability to do the same for us. 

  • A familiarity of, if not an ardent passion for, all kinds of vegetables. If you honor vegetables with ritualistic washing, processing, and storage procedures, even better!




  • $17/hour starting pay

  • All the veggies you can smell and flowers you can eat

  • $40 professional development stipend or gear stipend (we highly recommend some gloves & a sunhat)


Fringe Benefits

  • Birthday ice cream (and spontaneous treats throughout the season)

  • Once/month team lunch prepared by us

  • Compost disposal 

  • Farm animal cuddles

Farm Overview
Stone's Throw Farmstead grows diversified organic vegetables on a 1/2 acre and serves their community through the Rutland Farmers Market, the farmstand, a flower CSA program, the VFFC Farmacy Program and some other wholesale accounts. While we focus on quick, high-profit greens and roots, we also grow cut flowers and a variety of other fun vegetables. We value producing high quality, nutritious, and inspiring food for our community. We are proud to be a tractor-free, human-powered, and human-body friendly farm.  We celebrate the skills, care, and grit it takes to grow good food and our successes along the way.


While we are still a very young farm (2024 will be our second growing season), we are eager to build up from our team of two and expand our productivity this year. We work closely with each other and strive to have fun while we learn and grow (professionally, personally, and something delicious).  

See our About Us page for more.

Your Bosses

We, Connor and Jess, are 30 and 32 years old. After spending our twenties riding bikes, learning to grow food, living in a tiny house (we built), wwoofing all over the world, and eventually settling in Vermont, we are excited to welcome you to join us here. We're easy going, friendly folks who love good, simple food. We're kinda crazy about bread, veggies, our sheep, making tortillas from scratch, and eating lots of tacos. We fell in love with this kind of earthy work because it feels like we are doing something for the planet and not against it. We're concerned about climate change, fossil fuels, plastics, and all those little things we do in our daily lives that seem to be part of the problem. We're working to do something good here and try to become better people along the way. We know we can't do this alone, nor do we want to! We believe you can go quickly alone, but can go farther together. We're excited to see how much we can do with the energy and experience of others on this farm - so we encourage you to reach out if you think you might like to know more about this opportunity and how you can fit in here. 

See our The Farmers page for more.


We encourage anyone who wants to work with us and is interested in this position to apply regardless of whether they feel they meet the listed qualifications.  Email us to express your interest in applying. 

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