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We are Connor and Jess, two young farmers that grow vegetables and cut flowers using principles that regenerate the ecology and biology of this farm ecosystem.

We are a tiny farm in nestled in Vermont's Green Mountains in the little town of Shrewsbury.

We just started our farm in August 2022.


We grow mixed vegetables and flowers on 1/4 acre using minimal tillage, human-power, and regenerative land ecology practices.

We plan to certify our farm as a Vermont Organic Farm in the spring of 2023.  

We sell our produce through our little farmstand and local retailers. We also serve the hiking community with essentials and delights to support their adventure in Vermont's Green Mountains.

We named our farm Stone's Throw because that's about as big as we want to get
and as far as we want our food to be enjoyed


About Our Farm

We grow vegetables & cut flowers for our community

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