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We grow certified organic veggies and flowers using practices that steward the ecological resources of this land, nourish our community, & pivot the paradigm of extractive food production.

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12 weeks of seasonal, organically-grown flowers $180


pick up your weekly bouquet

Fridays In the farm stand or Saturdays at the rutland farmers market


Take~your~Vacation flexibility

we'll get you your flowers


Fill your home with beautiful flowers for 12 weeks

July - September

Send us an email to learn more

Why flowers?

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1. Many bugs and bees love the same zinnia, cosmos, and yarrow that you do! Here in forested Shrewsbury, these bugs need more flowers for forage and food!

2. Flowers bring beauty and joy to your kitchen table and your life! You deserve this! invite the good bugs to our farm so the bad bugs stay under control and we don't have to use pesticides on our veggies.
Just like organic good food is good for you, organic flowers are safe and good food for our local buglife. 

3. Fresh, farm grown flowers will last longer than any others (except those plastic ones - we don't want flowers that last that long!)

5. Your upfront purchase allows us to put some money in the bank so we can take it right out again! your payment goes towards seeds, compost, and all the other odds & ends we need to start the farm back up this spring :)

4. Be part of an exclusive club of flower lovers and farm supporters. Enjoy special perks of being on the inside - farm events, flower tips, & special offers. 

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At Stone's Throw Farmstead, we believe farming can be one of the best ways to care for our planet and mitigate climate disruption. 


Our veggies and flowers are
certified organic
by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF)
the Real Organic Project.

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We're a little farm nestled in Vermont's green mountains in a tiny town called shrewsbury. 

WE're bordered by the Cold River & Gould Brook and hugged by the Green Mountain forest. 

You can hike, bike, walk, and drive to us!


agriculture supporting community

We believe everyone deserves food that is inspiring and nourishing. We pledge to donate a portion of our harvest every year.

Please email us below if you are in need or know someone in need of fresh food.
We love to support community events and non-profit groups with our produce.

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