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Single Serve Ice Cream Cups From Sisters of Anarchy in Shelburne, VT


4 oz of amazing flavor from Sisters of Anarchy.  Almost all the flavor elements are grown on Fisher Brothers farm and processed into ice cream goodness by the Sisters.  Truly "farm-to-cone" ice cream.


Current flavor offerings:


Chocolate Anarchy-really, really, really rich, dark, chocolate ice cream. Makes chocolate lovers swoon

Overtime- Coffee ice cream with farm-grown red raspberries.

Crystal Blue Persuasion-The Mother of All Anarchy’s favorite color and one of the great peace & love rock songs, made from purple/blue blueberries and a light vanilla base.

Raspberry Beret- Fresh grown red raspberries blended in a vanilla base. Named in honor of the ultimate performer’s ultimate song. A blend of three farm grown red raspberry varieties blended into a light vanilla base.

Tap That- Vermont Maple Syrup + Maple Candy – Mmm Mmm!

Ice Cream Cup (Sisters of Anarchy)


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