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This pancetta is characterized by a rich buttery flavor with a hint of nuttiness, that develop after a long aging process which lasts at least 6 months. The fat gives a particular softness and silkiness while the lean gives texture and minerality to this special salumi.

The pancetta requires a lot of care and skills during its making; each pork belly is rolled, tightly tied, stuffed in natural casing and tied again by hand before it enters the drying process.

Use pancetta to wrap goat or creamy cheeses, add strips to your eggs or your pasta sauce, or simply place on a charcuterie board to add variety. Choose the cubed or the chunk for cooking and the slices for your charcuterie platter or for some wholesome panini.


pre-sliced 3 oz; cubes 6 oz; chunk 8 oz. Pancetta is ready to eat, does not need cooking. In the refrigeartor the closed package lasts 4+ months. Once you open it try consuming the product within 4 days to preserve the quality. The package does not need refrigeration but it is preferable to be stored in an environment below 60F for quality purpose.

Pancetta Agricola Farm Monti Verdi


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